888 Bingo

Quality always stands out like a glowing beacon in regards to bingo sites and the software which powers those sites, and the 888 Bingo site is going to live up to every bingo players expectations as they have the most state of the art bingo platform available online and it will give you access to plenty of different bingo game variants.

There is an art to getting not only the maximum value but also the best chances of winning a larger than average bingo jackpot, and this art is mastered by choosing to play at generous bingo sites famed for regular player promotions and also busy bingo sites, and 888 Bingo certainly ticks all of the right boxes.

We should point out that the owners and operators of this leading bingo site also operate a number of other online gambling sites and as such if you like the look and feel of 888 Bingo then you may also be interested in their other sites which include the 888 Casino and 888 Poker site.

90 Ball Bingo Games at 888 Bingo

The most popular online bingo game by far is the 90 ball bingo game, and the main reason for it being so hugely popular with players is the way in which the game is structured

You pay just one price for each and every 90 ball bingo ticket you purchase at 888 Bingo the price of which will of course be determined by which bingo room you decide to play in once you log into the bingo site.

For this one off ticket price you then get to play a bingo game which offers you the chance to win not just one prize but up to three of them. 90 ball bingo is made up of three rounds and it is the way the bingo tickets are designed that allow for this multiple payout format per game played.

Each 888 Bingo 90 ball bingo ticket will have 15 numbers printed up on it, these are printed in three lines of five numbers, when playing these types of games the first prize on offer is a single line game, then you play for a two line game and the final part of 90 ball bingo is the full house game, where all 15 numbers must be crossed off any one ticket for that ticket to win.

You must be the first player to mark off one line, two lines or all of the numbers on any one ticket you have purchased to win each round of the 90 ball bingo games, should two or more players call bingo at the same time then the prize money on offer will be shared between them.

75 Ball Bingo Games at 888 Bingo

To complement the above 90 ball bingo games you will also find on offer at the 888 Bingo site a range of 75 ball bingo games. These games use a completely different type of playing structure to the above bingo games and as such may appeal to you.

A 75 ball bingo card is formatted via a grid layout, five lines of five numbers in five number rows are displayed on each one and spread over these cards are numbers one to seventy five, only 24 numbers are on each 888 Bingo 75 ball bingo card as the centre position is a free square.

One of the main attractions for players choosing to play 75 ball bingo is that there are literally hundreds if not thousands of different playing patterns you can play for.

The price of each 75 ball bingo card you purchase is going to vary as 888 Bingo have lots of different bingo rooms available all using this game as the base bingo game.

888 Bingo Jackpot Games

There is plenty of very large paying bingo jackpot games held throughout each day and night at 888 Bingo, and as a new or existing player then the best place to visit to find out when you can take part in these games is the 888 Bingo schedule.

This lists the entire up and coming bingo jackpot games and it is very handy as it allows you to plan in advance all of the bingo games you would like to play, mainly those with the highest potential jackpots on offer.