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Not only can you win some fairly large jackpot type payouts when playing any of the many different poker variants and poker tournaments on offer at the 888 Poker site but there is also another way to win big and this is possible via their range of Royal Jackpot games which everyone has the option to play and take part in.

Whenever you have logged into the 888 Poker site and are scrolling through the list of available poker tables you will see a special Jackpot tab in the menu and this is where you will be able to play these special poker games which offer the Royal Jackpots.

You are of course under no obligation what so ever to take part and play in these special Royal Jackpot Poker games however you need to be playing one of the games which have them attached to be in with a chance of winning the current jackpot!

Below we will guide you through what is required to both take part in the Royal Jackpot poker games along with letting you know what it is you can win and how you can win one of them, so keep on reading to find out all about them.

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888 Poker Royal Jackpots

Once you have located any of the live cash ring games which are offering the Royal Jackpots then you will of course need to sit down and start playing to have any chance of winning that jackpot, the size of which is always displayed on the screen.

Before a new game of poker is set in motion all players sitting at one of these Royal Jackpot tables is given the option of taking part in the bonus game which if you do intend to take part in it will require you to place a 0.50 side bet wager.

This is completely optional however without placing this side bet Jackpot wager you will have no chance of winning that jackpot payout. So make sure that you always put it into play.

The jackpot always starts with a seed value of a whopping $25,000 and every time players enter into it by placing their additional 0.50 wager the jackpot will then start to grow and it will keep on growing until such a time it is won.

You may already be familiar with these types of progressive jackpots as over at the 888 Casino and 888 Games sites they have plenty of these types of games readily on offer.

How to win the 888 Poker Royal Jackpot

The way in which poker players at the 888 Poker site can win one of these Royal Jackpots is fairly unique, so do pay attention to what we are about to tell you!

You first must have placed the side bet wager which costs just 0.50, then you need to get a Royal Flush hand at the Showdown stage of the poker game you are playing, however this Royal Flush hand must be formed with both of the Hole Cards helping to form the Royal Flush hand.

You will be awarded 10% of the current value of the Royal Jackpot total if you manage to complete such a Royal Flush hand however should it be a Royal Flush hand in the suit of Spades then you will win the entire Jackpot payout as displayed on the Jackpot meter.

Once any player manages to win the entire jackpot payout then the meter and jackpot is reset to its seed amount that being $25,000 and then it will continue to rise in value as more and more players place the required side bet wager.

Whilst it is true to say the actual odds of being dealt a Royal Flush hand when using the players Hole Cards along with three cards from the Community Cards may seem fairly large the sheer number of hands dealt at 888 Poker means that this jackpot is regularly won, and what better way to celebrate a Royal Flush than by bagging that extra jackpot payout.

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