888 Poker For Android

There is something very unique about the 888 Poker Android App, and that is that you are not just restricted to using it to play the excellent poker games which 888 Poker are famed. They have made it compatible with their other gaming sites also and as such if you are thinking of using an Android device as the way of playing poker then it should be the 888 Poker site you choose to play at.

As you are not just restricted to using the poker site when you get the 888 Android App then should you be wishing to place a wager on any sporting event then that is easily possible via the Poker App!

There are a number of benefits of opting to move your poker play from the 888 Poker online poker site into this brand new poker playing medium, and should you have any type of Android device then have a good read through what these benefits are as we have them all listed below for you.

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Android No Lobby Poker

One part of the 888 Poker site that has been done away with on the Android Poker site is the main lobby, by removing this then when you are playing poker on the go via the Android site you can much more speedily find the games you want without have to scroll all around the navigation menus which can be a bit of a pain on a small screen Android device.

888 Android Poker has what is known as a Quick Seat feature, this allows you to be taken instantly to a seat which is open on the exact type of poker game you wish to play.

So you do not need to hunt through any poker table game menu to find an available seat, simply choose the table type you want to play and then you will be instantly taken to one of the available seats, nothing could be easier and this is a very valuable feature when you are out and about and want to get straight down to poker playing action.

Beginners Option at 888 Android Poker

Another benefit of playing at the 888 Android Poker site is that you can select the beginners options once you launch the site and as such if you are completely new to playing poker on any Android device then this feature gives you a basic but fully controlled list of options on how you can play their available poker games.

When selecting the beginner’s option you can choose to play No Limit Texas Hold’em on one of three different buy in table stake options, these have been kept low to allow you to get used to the way the Android site works and operates.

They have 6 player tables and 9 player tables and you are free to choose either and the buy ins required range from 0.01/0.02, 0.03/0.06 and 0.05/0.10. So you can play Texas Hold’em instantly and for modest stakes, however being No Limit tables you can always increase your stakes accordingly as the game progresses.

Sit n Go Android Poker Tournaments

You can also play plenty of Sit n Go Tournaments when playing on the 888 Android Poker site, once you have launched the site simply select the Sit n Go tab located to the right hand side of the screen and then you can select which one you wish to play.

Once the required number of fellow opponents required to play that Sit n Go Tournament have registered then you can get straight down to business and start playing.

Free and Real Money Options

Should you fancy playing the 888 Android Poker site via a free play option then you will be pleased to hear they have plenty of free to play poker games on offer, and this is an ideal way for you to get to grips fully with how this new poker playing environment works and operates without any risk involved.

You are then free to play for real money at a time suited to yourself, and by playing for real money you will then have full access to and will be able to claim the new player welcome bonus offer which is available to all poker players using the Android poker site from 888 Poker.