888 Poker on the iPad

When you have access too or own an iPad then if you have any previous experience of playing at online poker sites using a laptop or computer device then you will instantly see how using an iPad as opposed to any other device is a much better way to play poker.

The reason for this is the touch screen feature on all iPads and this really does bring playing poker online alive as no longer do you have to use a mouse or any small roller type controls to navigate around the poker site you simply tap on the tabs and menus and instantly you are up and running.

The 888 iPad Poker site really is a site to behold and being one of the world’s leading poker venues they have spared no expense in ensuring their iPad Poker site really is a state of the art piece of kit which is going to completely change the way everyone plays poker from their home, office or when they are out and about.

Below we have reviewed many of the different qualities which will become live and available to you if you decide, which we seriously think you should do, to become a new player at the 888 iPad Poker site, have a good look through this review and do not forget there are of course some generous bonuses available to help you make your mind up!

Join 888 Poker on Your iPad Now

Quick Seat Option

You are certainly not going to have to hang around very long once you have logged into the 888 Poker site on any iPad device, for reference you will be able to open an account quickly and easily as they have made the registration procedure an absolute breeze to use and as such an account can be set up and ready to use in just a couple of moments.

Just like the computer accessed poker site which 888 operates this iPad version allows you to pick you own avatar to ensure you can completely personalize your poker playing experience.

The Quick Seat Option really is what makes this site so very playable for anyone utilizing it to access plenty of different types of poker ring games. All you need to do is to tap the Quick Seat tab and then you will be taken to an open seat on the exact type of poker game you are looking to play no hanging around or waiting for seats to become available, just tap and go and you will be playing poker in no time at all!

Beginners Option

Should you have never played poker either online or via your iPad before then make sure once you have logged in you select the Beginners Option as that mode has been tailor made to allow anyone new to the 888 iPad Poker site to be able to play in cash games or tournaments simply and easily.

The poker game offered at the 888 iPad Poker site is everyone’s favourite poker variant that being Texas Hold’em Poker and as such once logged in you will be playing a poker game you are familiar with instantly.

You can then choose to play at either 6 or 9 player tables and plenty of different table stake options are available. No Limit Poker is on offer and the buy in amount for these tables in the beginners mode have been kept modest and as such the following buy ins are on offer: 0.01/0.02, 0.03/0.06 and 0.05/0.10.

iPad Poker Tournaments

You can of course take part in poker tournaments when you are utilizing the 888 iPad Poker site and the ones on offer are the quick playing Sit n Go Poker Tournaments. These are ideal for anyone accessing the site on an iPad and they have no real schedule in regards to when they start.

Simply register to take part in one of the available Sit n Go Tournaments at the 888 iPad Poker site and the very second the required number of entrants have also registered then the poker tournament will start.

Free and Real Money Poker Games

You can choose to play for real money and if you do so then a free new player bonus can be claimed based on your initial deposited amount, however 888 iPad Poker will also let you freely play at any of their free to play tables to allow you to get the hang of how this new poker site works and of course get plenty of playing experience under your belt at no risk. Play 888 iPad Poker Now