888 Poker iPhone

If you have bitten the bullet so to speak and joined the 21st century by buying yourself a brand new iPhone then if you are also a poker player you will be pleased to hear that the world’s leading online poker site, that being 888 Poker has recently launched a brand new iPhone compatible poker site where you can access all of your favourite poker games instantly and on the move.

There is no other iPhone Poker site as technically advanced as the 888 iPhone Poker site and you really should consider giving it a try to see for yourself just how user friendly it is.

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Brand New Quick Seat Option

You do not have to scroll through menus or navigate around the 888 iPhone Poker site in search of an empty and available seat at any of their open cash tables, as they have put in place what is known as the Quick Seat Option which makes playing at this state of the art poker site so easy and player friendly.

Once you select this option you are instantly taken to an open seat at one of the poker tables you wish to play at and as such you are not going to be hanging around or draining the battery of your iPhone searching for a table to start playing at.

iPhone Poker Beginners Option

Everyone has to start somewhere and if you are new to either playing poker online or on an iPhone then it is probably best that once you have logged into the 888 iPhone Poker site you select the Beginners Option.

This is a scaled down version of the poker site and gives you a very easy to use and navigate set of options. By logging in via this mode then you can take things nice and easy and get to grips fully with how the application works.

The game which is available to play at the 888 iPhone Poker site is Texas Hold’em Poker, experience has told the team over at 888 Poker that this is the poker variant of choice for the majority of players and as such you are going to be able to play this excellent poker game instantly the very second you have logged into the iPhone Poker site which 888 have available

You will find a plethora of tables waiting for you when you do log into the site and you can of course play plenty of No Limit games which offer, via the Beginner Option, buy in levels of: 0.01/0.02, 0.03/0.06 and 0.05/0.10.

iPhone Sit n Go Poker Tournaments

As many iPhone users will be out and about when they are utilizing the 888 iPad Poker site then you will not be wanting to wait around for hours if it is poker tournaments that you are wishing to take part in, you will want them to start as soon as possible allowing you to get straight down to business.

With this at the forefront of their mind, the team over at 888 Poker have made the poker tournaments which can be accessed via their iPhone Poker site all Sit n Go poker tournaments and as such these are up and running throughout the day and night.

Simply register to take part in one of them and then in no time once the required number of poker players has also registered then the Sit n Go poker tournaments will start. This means that you are always going to be able to access these types of Sit n Go tournaments without waiting for any long periods of time, which is ideal when using an iPhone.

Free and Real Money Poker Games

If you are in any way wary of using your iPhone to access the 888 Poker site then why not select the free play poker tables which they have plenty of available, as by doing just that you will be playing at no risk whatsoever and it is a great way to get a good feel for this brand new way of playing poker.

When you are good and ready you can always choose to switch over to the reel money tables, and as a thank you for playing at the 888 iPhone Poker site as a real money player some generous poker bonuses and 888 Poker Promotions will become available to you.