888 Poker Tournaments

The beauty of choosing to become a new customer of 888 Poker is not only are you going to have access to plenty of different 888 Poker Games, lots of unique 888 Poker Promotions you will always have plenty of live ring games to take part in and play plus you will also have access to one of the biggest collections of online poker tournaments.

It is no secret that 888 Poker are one of the busiest poker sites found anywhere online, and due to their size and massive player base along with their huge wagering turnover on all of their poker games they are able to offer the biggest paying poker tournaments online.

Below is our complete guide to poker tournaments offered at the state of the art and top rated 888 Poker site, have a good read through this guide for if it is poker tournaments that excite you then you really do owe it to yourself to become a new player at 888 Poker.

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Tournament Types

So let us now give you an idea of the types of poker tournaments which are always on offer at 888 Poker, remember the cost of entering each individual poker tournament is going to vary, however all of the details of their up and coming ones are always listed on both their website and are available to view once you log into their poker software.

Knockout Tournaments

These types of poker tournaments often also go by the name of Bounty Tournaments, and the aim of these tournaments apart from you trying to win one of the prizes in the prize pool is to get an additional payout for knocking out certain players. A bounty has been placed on their heads and this bounty is paid to you for knocking them out of the tournament.

Sit & Go Tournaments

Should you be looking to take part in some poker tournaments online but you cannot for whatever reason be online at the specified time that they are up and running then it will be the Sit n Go Poker Tournaments at 888 Poker which will certainly be of interest to you.

These tournaments start once the required number of players has registered and as such you will find they start rapidly and without you having to wait very long for them to start. They also require a lower number of entrants to take part in them than other poker tournaments and as such the fewer players taking part in them the larger your winning chances become.


The one type of poker tournament which is regularly on offer at 888 Poker which has the largest number of entrants are the Freeroll Tournaments, as the name indicates these are completely free of charge poker tournaments and the beauty of them is that they offer real money cash prizes should you finish in one of the top positions

The only downside of playing and taking part in Free Roll Poker Tournaments is that there are so many entrants your actual odds of winning are tiny, however someone does have to win them and as such that prize pool money is always there for the taking.


You can not only win your way to some of the better paying 888 Poker Tournaments by taking part in what are known as Satellite Tournaments but you could also win a free entry into one of the major land based poker tournaments which are held throughout the world.

If you have never come across a Satellite Poker Tournament before then they are simply a set of special poker tournaments which usually require a small entry fee or can be free to enter, and if you are lucky enough to win these types of tournaments then a free entry into a much larger paying major poker tournament will be yours.

We would suggest you get over to the 888 Poker site for details on each and every poker tournament they have available, as one thing is guaranteed you will always find plenty of them on offer, plus thanks in no small part to the generosity of this poker site even the free roll tournaments have large prize pools up for grabs. Start Playing 888Poker Tournaments today – Click Here