888 Poker VIP Rewards Program

To benefit from the VIP Rewards scheme which is in operation at both the 888 Poker site and their brand new 888 Mobile Poker site you simply need to sign up and become a real money player and then you are going to have full access to their comprehensive player loyalty program that has been designed with you the online poker player in mind.

What makes this VIP Rewards Program so very different from all others found online is that it is a multi level scheme, and as such everyone is not equal at 888 Poker, if you are a regular player then you will rise through their levels and the higher you rise the bigger and better the rewards are. Remember, the 888 VIP Club comes on top of the exclusive 888Poker Bonus available to you when you sign up via our site.

So if you have been playing at other poker sites and have come to the conclusion your real money poker action is not getting the attention it so rightly deserves then have a good read through what you will get offered to you simply by moving your action over to the 888 Poker site, we guarantee you will like what you are about to read!

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888 Poker Rewards Club Levels

As a brand new real money poker player at 888 Poker your introduction to the rewards scheme will begin at their lowest level, this is known as the Blue Level and you will be given a small cashback currently around the 2% mark based on your initial level of play.

Should you continue playing at 888 Poker and earn the minimum number of status points, which incidentally are simply earned by you playing any of their real money poker games you will quickly reach the next level which is known as the Iron level, once here a freeroll daily poker tournament becomes available to you.

Should your level of real money poker play each month earn you a modest 25 status points then you will move up to the Chrome level of the poker rewards scheme and here a much larger prize pool freeroll poker tournament is open to you each and every day of the week.

When you start to amass 50 status points every month then the Copper level is where you will find yourself in the rewards scheme, and here a $300 daily tournament costing you not a penny to enter is open to you.

You really will fly through the levels the more you play at 888 Poker and should you collect at least 100 status points in any one month then a much more interesting and rewarding free roll poker tournament is what you can enter each day at the next level on the loyalty club and this is the Bronze level.

888 Poker Rewards Mid Levels

By keeping on playing at 888 Poker you will soon reach the much more rewarding mid level areas of their poker rewards program and the Silver level is where these start to kick in. It will require you to have earned 500 status points each month to reach this Silver level and when here you get an increase in your cashback which becomes 4%, and you have access to a weekly $1000 freeroll poker tournament.

Next level is the Gold level and a whopping 9% cashback is on offer to everyone who manages to amass at least 1,500 points in one single month, a rather tempting $4000 free roll poker tournament is also offered to everyone reaching Gold level status in the rewards program at 888 Poker.

888 Poker Rewards VIP Levels

You could be earning a truly impressive 18% cashback when you manage to collect 4500 status points per month based on your real money action at 888 Poker and on top of this a $7000 prize pool free roll poker tournament is up for grabs to all Platinum level poker players.

To get to the VIP level in the 888 Poker rewards program you have to have earned at least 60,000 status points in one year, this is surprisingly easy to do if you are a regular real money online poker player.

Cashback become a massive 27% when you reach this level and on top of this the number of status points you earn increases and as such it is relatively easy to remain at this level or progress through to the final level of the program.

You could become a VIP Diamond player at 888 Poker however you will need to amass 300,000 status points per year to get to this highest level of the program. Once here your cashback allowance is a massive 36% and an improved number of status points are awarded based on all further play in the poker rooms. Click here to join the 888 Poker VIP Rewards program